iOS 18 Features, Compatible Devices, and Beta Download

iOS18 Features
iOS18 Features

Since its inception on April 1, 1976, Apple has revolutionized its products and services to become one of, if not the leading tech brands in the world.  With a market capitalization of more than $3 trillion, Apple continues to advance its technology with the new iOs 18 being the topic all over the world.

So the big question comes, what is iOS 18? The iOs 18 is the most recent version of the iPhone operating system expected to be released in September 2024. However, the developer beta was made available on 10th June, 2024 while the public beta is expected to be available in July 2024.

This major update will be compatible with iPhone models from the iPhone XR to later. We are going to take you through the notable features expected on the iOS 18.

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Major Features and Changes

Home Screen Customization

iOS 18 introduces a range of new customization options for the home screen, allowing you to personalize your iPhone like never before.

Now, you are able to position your app icons on the home screen wherever you like, thereby escaping from the rigid grid layout found in previous iOS versions. Consequently, this enables you to have adjustable space which can be left empty as well as arrange your phone applications in any way you want.

You can also customize your app icons into dark mode filter, color tinting, and even adjust the size of the home screen to fit your layout.

The iOS 18 also offers options to redesign the control center through adding, removing, and rearranging controls to suit your needs. Third-party app controls can now be added to the Control Center. You can also directly customize from Control Center interface without going to Settings.

Additionally, the unlock screen’s bottom corners buttons are customizable now. The default camera and the flashlight buttons can be substituted with those shortcuts leading to other applications or rather to other functions.

New customization features

Apple Intelligence and Siri

The Apple Intelligence features are exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Apple Intelligence (AI) has additional features like Rewrite which paraphrases text and Image Playground which makes pictures. Image Playgroung can generate unique images based on the user’s description and your Photos library.

While using Notes or Phone app you can record audio which will be transcribed by Apple Intelligence; therefore, there is a possibility to make some notes so as not forget what is important later on even if you are driving – the app will help with that. Moreover, people residing within states which mandate calls or videos being taped in privacy should expect that they are being tapped into.

Tha Apple team has also done enhancements on Siri and the iPhone’s companion, Siri, will now be able to read out any messages or alerts on your lock screen and summarize them briefly if you’d like her to do so. Siri now has better language understanding and awareness.  You can answer Siri with a head nod, or tap when connected to AirPods Pro. Likewise, the iOS comes with the feature to remove background noise on AirPods Pro.

Additionally, the Smart Reply function is able to quickly formulate replies to emails, or even ones containing more than one query.


The iOS 18 will provide more formatting options (bold, underline, italics, strikethrough) and use any emoji or sticker for Tapbacks. It also gives your assistance to Rich Communication Services (RCS)6666ff4 so that high-quality media can be shared with users who have Android devices.

Likewise, iMessage will provide suggested replies, summarizing missed messages, and schedule messages via satelitte. I will also auto-generate emoji based on message content and provide the user with ability to customize his/ her own emoji. The iOS will also provide suggested effects to animate individual words, phrase, emoji, or letter.

Safari Update

Safari on iOS 18 comes with significant redesign with refreshed appearance and innovative features. Its update includes:

Intelligent search: Safari can use Apple’s technology which processes in the device to accurately recognize and summarize imperative points or phrases from websites briefly. This is meant to facilitate users’ quick understanding of the most important information on a particular page hence simplifying their search for whatever they want.

Web Eraser: A crucial digital upgrade has been incorporated, known as the Web Eraser tool, to give empowerment to users in getting rid of unwanted parts of a webpage with surprisingly great ease. It works in a manner of ignoring just some certain parts from an entire page like advertisements and pictures which can as well be brought back when necessary. It is not possible to recover the pieces that have been omitted after multiple visits since it requires a person’s action to do so.

Revamped Page Controls Menu: Some of the changes found within Safari 18`s new Page Controls Menu are merging all its features including but not limited Intelligent Search or Web Eraser with ordinary browser functions such as text resizing or reading mode, to achieve decluttering which also makes its use more convenient.

Tab Groups and Sharing: In iOS 15, Apple introduced Tab Groups that made it possible for users to clump related open pages together and synchronize them on different gadgets. Apple included the sharing of Tab Groups in iOS 16 so that several individuals can send links and work on them together with less effort. Using the Share sheet icon, users are able to pass Tab Groups on to others who can attach any link they want in the group which is then seen by everyone else involved.

Interface Refresh: Safari 18 will get some minor interface changes as well; however the exact details regarding these modifications still remain unknown. These improvements are centered around AI-driven characteristics as well as updates on the User Interface that aim at making better the general internet surfing experience.

Moreover, there are rumors that Apple is coming up with a better visual look up for things. This will help people see all products they might want to know of by just looking at pictures. The prediction coincides with an expected release date of 2025 for this feature.

Privacy and Security Features

Passwords App: A centralized location for management of passwords, passkeys, Wi-Fi passcodes, and identification codes. The application notifies the user of weak passwords on systems as well as password reuse from one system to another or even those that have been discovered in past leaked data ensuring prevention of security breaches and reassurance to the user.

Lock Apps: Individual apps can be locked with the use of Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode hence the need to access them. Existing security level is increased compared to locked notes or hidden albums in Photos.

Hidden Apps Folder: With the iOS 18, users have the ability to hide apps by relocating them into a secure folder that others cannot access, effectively keeping the contents of these apps confidential and away from public view such as web searches, alerts, and the like within the system.

Enhanced Privacy Controls: People have the possibility of sharing certain contacts with an app at the same time that application creators are able to connect third-party accessories to iPhone in an integrated and unrestricted manner without making other devices visible on the individual user’s network as a new programming interface is introduced.

iOS will ALWAYS guarantee your privacy

How to get iOS 18 beta program

  • Sign up/ into Apple’s Developer Website using your Apple ID
  • Read and Agree to Apple Developer terms and conditions
  • Download the iOS 18 Beta
  • Go to settings on your iPhone and update your software
  • Install the iOs then restart your iPhone