Amazing tourist places and experiences worth seeing in Hong Kong

What you can do in Hong Kong, or should I say, what you can do in any place, depends entirely on your tourism preference and desire. Hong Kong is a small city-state with many travel options within walking distance. Even if you don’t have much time, you can still visit some of the various attractions here.

Hong Kong Sightseeing

Sunset View from Victoria Peak – Heritage Tram Ride

Victoria Peak is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hong Kong. I took a bus from Star Ferry Terminal and reached Victoria Peak. On the way back I took the Victoria Peak Tram, which takes me to the base of the hill in a few moments, in my old coach. Both rides were extremely exciting. That is why I suggest that while visiting Victoria Peak, you must ride the bus on one side and the Victoria Peak Tram on the other side.

After climbing Victoria Peak, take a walk around the hill. If you believe me, you should visit this hill around sunset. In this way you will be able to see the port in all three conditions – in daylight, at sunset and after sunset. All three scenes are not only different, but are also extremely charming in their own way. Remember, Victoria Peak is notorious for often being covered in fog. So, before going there, know the weather and pray that you get to see the sunset in a clear sky.

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Victoria Harbor – Star Ferry Ride

The Star Ferry is a common ferry used by local residents for daily transportation between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Island. Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Island are the two main landmasses of Hong Kong. Apart from ferries, there are two other transport facilities between these two lands, metro rail and road bridge.

If you are staying on Hong Kong Island, take a ferry to Kowloon Island around sunset. Watch the Symphony of Lights which is held every evening and come back. You will be thrilled to see the colorful lights of the glittering Hong Kong Island and the play of its rays on the water. If you are staying in Kowloon Island, you can take any ferry to Hong Kong Island.

Symphony of lights

Symphony of Lights is a 10-minute light and sound performance. This display is held every day at around 8 pm on the skyline of Hong Kong Island. It may not be one of the best light and sound displays you’ve seen elsewhere. Still, I can say this, it is so exciting that you can definitely include it in your list of must-see experiences in Hong Kong.

Museum of Hong Kong

Visiting museums is one of my favorite travel experiences. Even though I wanted to, I couldn’t visit all the museums in Hong Kong that I had included on my list. It is said that the more you want to see, the more time you have. I visited the Hong Kong History Museum in detail on the first day of my trip to Hong Kong . This gave me a good understanding of the history of Hong Kong. The journey from an infamous Hong Kong to present-day Hong Kong helped to learn from multiple perspectives. This is the best-kept and preserved museum where you can do many things like printing copies of literature and buying souvenirs based on Chinese symbols.

Touring the main fringe areas of Hong Kong

Hiking in Wan Chai

Wan Chai, located on the north coast of Hong Kong Island, is one of the oldest areas of Hong Kong. Here the Wan Chai Heritage Walking Tour is conducted in the area around an ancient temple. Walking in it seems as if we are observing the entire history of this island. Information boards installed at various places help you in this journey. I have also written a detailed memoir on this trek which will be very helpful for you in doing this trek yourself.

The famous ancient city of Kowloon

Kowloon was an ancient city surrounded by walls which was once the stronghold of the Chinese army. It was notorious as the most densely populated area on earth. After its transformation, it is now a beautiful historical garden. In a sense it is a living monument to the dark history of Hong Kong Island.

Stanley Village Heritage Walking Tour

Stanley Village is a corner of Hong Kong that despite being here, has a very different identity. It is surrounded by hills and sea like Hong Kong, but it does not have tall buildings like the rest of the city, and there are no crowded areas like Hong Kong. There is a small market here which is filled with the creative energy of modern artists as well as traditional artists. As much as I enjoyed driving to this market, I also enjoyed reaching Stanley Village. If you don’t believe then watch this video:

Hollywood street walking

This walking tour takes place in an upscale Hollywood street on Hong Kong Island. One of the most popular temples here, dedicated to the God of Literature, is also located here. I really liked the small cafes here. While touring the post, I also saw many art works which I found very pleasing.

Garden tour

Hong Kong is a group of islands surrounded by sea on all sides. Due to lack of land, civilization here is confined to skyscrapers. Despite this there are many gardens here. I visited many gardens here, especially in the morning. Some of the famous gardens are Victoria Peak Garden, Nan Lien Garden, Walled Kowloon City Garden, Sang Wong Toi Garden, Sha Tin Garden, Wan Chai Garden, etc.

Some fun experiences in Hong Kong

Ocean Park

You will need at least a full day to visit Ocean Park. Ocean Park is the best attraction in Hong Kong if you are visiting here with children. I had come alone to visit and anyway I am not particularly interested in amusement parks. Even after this, I enjoyed a whole day in this Ocean Park.

I enjoyed every ride I took. Enjoyed seeing the rides we didn’t take. Eating food sitting near penguins frolicking in the water has its own thrill. It was thrilling to go up and down the train, walk through the streets of a recreated ancient Hong Kong, and watch the life of small to very large fish in the multi-level aquarium. It was a unique experience to see an animal named Panda climbing up and down the bamboo tree and moving around, to see seals swimming here and there in the water and to see acrobats performing tricks. The joy that would come from going to the South Pole and playing with penguins in the blood-freezing winter, I experienced here in Ocean Park.

This ocean park has so many experiences all around for the tourists that the child within you awakens. You will want to participate in all the experiences. This is the best means to get relief from mental stress. That’s why we go traveling during holidays, isn’t it?


Like Ocean Park, Disneyland is another means of getting relief from mental stress. I was told that to truly enjoy Disneyland it would be advisable to stay there for one night, as Disneyland is some distance from the main city. I could not go there due to lack of time thus, I will definitely try to go there on my next trip.

Hong Kong souvenirs

Shopping is one of the best reasons why tourists love Hong Kong. From the photographs of Hong Kong, you might be thinking that there are only big, glittering malls here. So let me tell you, going to the small shops located in the streets for shopping is one of the major attractions of this trip for me. Take a stroll through these streets once. I believe you will be impressed by these shops.

If you enjoy bargaining with shopkeepers then you will definitely be satisfied here. You can buy all kinds of items as souvenirs from Jade stone jewelery to electronics items.


Believe it or not, this escalator, located on the slope of a hill, connects different parts of densely populated Hong Kong, through which you can get anywhere in the city. These are a kind of flat and vertically moving stairs to overcome the distances and high and low ground levels of this city. Some of these take you up and down and some allow you to cross distances. I don’t remember if there is any other city which has such escalators which can be used publicly. You must enjoy it. You may not find this in other tourist places.

tram ride

Only a few cities in the world have an active tram network. Tram is a slow moving vehicle. In the hustle and bustle of today’s fast-paced life, trams are becoming extinct. However, colorful and beautiful trams will still be seen running from here to there in Hong Kong. Yes, it takes time to reach the destination due to its slow speed, yet you must ride it to reach any place of short distance. You will get to experience a different Hong Kong.

taste local cuisine

Being a cosmopolitan metropolis, every type of cuisine is available in Hong Kong. If we think about the expenses, then there are cheap local dishes available in the streets to expensive hotels serving exclusive dishes. I am a vegetarian. I had the exquisite pleasure of eating dimsum in a Michelin star hotel. If you are wondering, a hotel that has received a Michelin star must be expensive. No! It was best for both my pocket and my stomach. I enjoyed going there and eating there also.

You can also taste ice cold milk tea here. It is called Nai Cha. It is available at most places. You can even walk around while drinking it in your hands.

colorful celebration

Like my country India, Hong Kong also has a lot of festivals which are celebrated throughout the year. Be sure to check out my Hong Kong blogger friend, Katie’s memoir, ‘ Hong Kong Festival Guide ‘. He has prepared and included a list of major festivals celebrated here throughout the year. Apart from these, you will also find information about smaller festivals in local newspapers. You can participate in related festivals as per your travel schedule. This will give you an experience of the local cultural richness.

Go to Macau

Macau is only a short ferry ride away from Hong Kong. You can visit Macau from morning till night in just one day. If you want, you can also stay in Macau. Due to lack of time I did not go to Macau. I hope, in my next trip, I will go to Macau and share my memories with you.

participate in local rituals

Chinese civilization is an ancient civilization. For this reason, there are many ancient rituals and traditions in Hong Kong which the residents here still follow. From a bridge over a road, I saw a ceremony taking place below. The name of this ritual was ‘ petty person beating ‘, that is, you can beat any person with bad intentions in your life with slippers. Don’t be surprised! A unique means is adopted to beat them. If you don’t believe then watch this video:

These are such traditions about which information is often not available in books. Only while walking in the streets, you can know any place in detail and understand the traditions there.

Note: Do not rely on Google Maps when walking the streets of Hong Kong. The streets here are very narrow and crowded. Google Maps can confuse you.